A Better Way to Wrap Your Valentine's Day Presents

Full disclosure: I love wrapping presents almost as much as I enjoy shopping for them. But this time of year, there are an awful lot of cheesy red paper and trimmings out there abusing my senses. Don't get me wrong—I like Valentine's Day as much as the next person. But I prefer a more subdued, earthy palette with which to celebrate the season. Here's how I'm wrapping gifts for loved ones this week.

To start, I chose a rich chocolate-brown roll from Paper Source as the base and added muted accents of the classics—red, pink, and orange—with run-of-the-mill tissue paper arranged in folded bands around the boxes. Though I'm not much of a bow girl, I do appreciate a beautiful silk ribbon from time to time. Here, it gives a pretty affordable package an unexpectedly luxe touch. The finishing touch: a scalloped card addressed to my love. How do you personalize your gifts for Valentine's Day?

I am Lonny's Art Director.
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