Decorating With Antlers

Right around this time of year, we love any room that makes you feel as though you've awakened in a Colorado ski lodge.The surest way to get that look (without trading in your crisp white walls for pricey reclaimed-wood planks)? Antlers, whether they come on a mounted elk bust you inherited from your great grandfather or a diminutive plaque touting resin horns. They can be merely aesthetic additions or serve a purpose: nail them to a stud to create a hook, stack them up to build a floor lamp, or just hang 'em up on a wall. Either way they're a surefire conversation piece.

(Ph: Lonny/Patrick Cline)
Its repetitive nature makes this unlikely gallery wall much more interesting than patterned wallpaper. Bonus: you can change the arrangement as many times as you like.

(Ph: Lonny/Patrick Cline)
Fill in vacant bookshelves with rustic antlers to offset a color-coordinated library. Pair them with softer elements, such as staggered-height candles or a small tray to catch spare change.

(Ph. Lonny/Patrick Cline)
DIYers, take note: secure them to a bulb and socket to make an unexpectedly modern floor lamp worthy of a SoHo loft.

Ph: Lonny/Patrick Cline
It's easy to find antlers in bulk: eBay! They can be sanded down and painted to match any room's decor, so keep an eye out for auctions and buy a few at a time. Here, bleached antlers make a bowl-like centerpeice on a rustic dresser, giving the illusion of a soft nest.

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