Should You Color-Coordinate Your Books?

what to do with all the books in your life (Photo © Lonny)
A few months ago the Lonny team moved into a new office (which would have been much more stressful had it not been to a new room just down the hall in our Union Square HQ). We trekked down the corridor hauling the contents of our well-stocked prop closet: a parade of rugs, vases, tableware, pillows, and lamps. But nothing took more effort to move than our constantly growing collection of design books. Many armfuls and dolly loads of beautifully bound tomes later, we immediately felt at home again surrounded by our favorite titles. But as our bookshelves overflow with the summer's newest editions, we've taken to propping  up our giant computer monitors and potted succulents with the pretty volumes. To no surprise, our Lonny alumni have already mastered the art of book decor, and as a budding bibliophile, I'm taking note.
what to do with all the books in your life (Photo © Lonny)
The easiest and most noncommittal way to display your books has to to be the stack, perfected by Ryan Korban in his SoHo apartment. Stacked high enough, your hardcovers become an installation piece of sorts that can be re-arranged and edited on a whim. For small space dwellers who can't necessarily devote the precious square-footage to a Jenga style tower of books, floating shelves will quickly free your library's contents from their bulky, space hogging bookcases. My favorite idea, though, has to be a trail of color coded novels lining a well-worn staircase in Savannah's worldly The Paris Market. If you need me, I'll be toiling through our shelves giving our codex collection the ROYGBIV treatment.

what to do with all the books in your life
(Photo © Lonny)
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