It's A Jungle Out There: Traveling Locally in L.A.

Justina Blakeney is an L.A-based designer, author, and stylist with a bohemian heart. Her love for color, pattern, plants, her daughter, and her 'jungalow' are shared daily on her eponymous lifestyle blog, and she is one of the world’s most followed tastemakers on Pinterest.

Travel locally | courtesy Justina Blakeney)
I love to visit far-off locations—in fact, I've lived a third of my life as an expat. My freshest ideas, my most inspired designs, and my most beautiful photographs all happen while I'm traveling. One thing my travels have taught me is how to open my eyes and observe the beauty and exoticism of what's around me at all times.

Travel locally | courtesy Justina Blakeney)
Some weeks I travel to different continents, but most weeks I travel locally. This week I took a jaunt to the neighborhood of Atwater Village, just a couple of miles from my Echo Park, L.A. home. When I take these trips I force myself to act like a tourist—in the best way! I stop to take pictures, I talk to strangers, I eat somewhere new.

Travel locally |
(Photo courtesy Justina Blakeney)
On this trip I was inspired by the lovely, lush little homes and gardens dotting the tree-lined streets. Some of these homes made me feel like I was in a thick jungle—others made me feel like I was in the middle of a dynamic desert. You gotta love L.A.—and traveling locally!
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