Using Vinyls As Wall Art

(Lonny / Angelica Domingo)
In Lonny's November issue, we shared some of our favorite albums for a memorable holiday fete. When I spotted the bright colors and vintage typography on John Coltrane’s Ole, I decided to take that idea one step further, decorating the walls of my apartment with album artwork. Since I've always felt that jazz music wakes up the soul, I limited my search to genre-specific vinyls from the 1950s and '60s. 

As it turns out, the most significant designer of the time was Reid Miles, who gave jazz its own visual language and created more than 500 LP covers for the Blue Note record label. I think there's a nice association between the experimentation of the music and the modernist design in Miles’s work—so much so that many of these might be making an appearance on my walls in the coming weeks. What unconventional artwork do you have up in your home?

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