Diane von Furstenberg On Her New Collection for Kravet

Diane Von Furstenburg On Her New Collection for Kravet
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Diane von Furstenberg is known for many things: her iconic wrap dress design and penchant for color and print among them. It was no surprise, then, that the woman known for her elegantly eclectic taste would expand her empire to include home goods. For her most recent collection for Kravet, the designer focussed on black and white with pops of color. Von Furstenberg's signature animal prints and geometric shapes are rendered in color palettes inspired by her travels—berry and orange recall sunsets in Rajasthan, India, ocean blues bring to mind the Caribbean Sea. Including a range of prints, wovens, draperies, and custom trimmings, there are seemingly endless ways to employ DVF's covetable jetsetting style in your home.

Read on for an interview with the style maven herself.

Diane Von Furstenburg On Her New Collection for Kravet
Lonny: What is the relationship, in your eyes, between fashion and home design? 

Diane von Furstenberg: Both are a reflection of who you are. They are a means of expressing yourself, so the most important thing, in both fashion and your home, is to know who you are and be true to that.

Diane Von Furstenburg On Her New Collection for Kravet
L: What was the inspiration behind this collection?
DVF: The collection is really a reflection of my love of color and print. They have come from prints I have used in my own homes and the suites I designed for my favorite hotel, Claridges, and a beautiful penthouse in Hayman Island.

L: The fabrics seem like a "best of" curation of your iconic fashion textiles—how did you choose which ones to use? 
DVF: The collection is really grounded in black and white—to me, black and white is a color. We worked from there to create really impactful prints that could work well together. It came really naturally for me because I have loved and lived with these prints for so long. For the home, it is all about achieving that eclectic mix of print and color.

Diane Von Furstenburg On Her New Collection for Kravet
L: What kinds of rooms do you see these textiles in? 
DVF: The collection was really designed to live anywhere; in the way that the dresses I design are all about the woman, these fabrics are all about the home. They are meant to accentuate what is already fabulous about the space and about who you are.

L: What style of furnishings are these fabrics most suited to? 
DVF: I really think it works for everything! That is the definition of eclectic: not being confined to any particular style and having the freedom to experiment with print and color and different sources of inspiration. So you just have to go for it!

Diane Von Furstenburg On Her New Collection for Kravet
Can you describe the spirit of the collection in three words?
Elegant, glamorous, and fun!

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