How to Get Over an Interior Design Crush

July August 2011 Issue - Geometric curtains paired with blue walls and a white couchEvery design enthusiast knows what it’s like to lust after a piece of furniture or a design object, to convince yourself that possessing a particular item will change your room and, possibly, your life. While an object of desire can often serve as the cornerstone of a perfect room, sometimes that item doesn't work with your space or life. In those cases, it's wise to use your passion for a piece as a tool for understanding your taste without letting it derail your design scheme or your budget.

Appreciate Its Beauty
Just because you're able to appreciate the beauty of a certain piece doesn’t mean that you have to live with it. To help you come to terms with your love of the object, spend some real time with it without pulling out your credit card. Visit paintings by your favorite artist in a gallery. Stop by your favorite interiors shop to admire your coveted chairs. Physically being around the thing that inspires you can often have a positive effect on your well-being without requiring that you take it home.

Analyze Why You Like It
If you are madly in love with something as iconic as an Eames lounge chair because you
admire its history, love its iconic lines, and have both enough money in the bank and the perfect spot for it in your home, then maybe it is in fact the perfect chair for you and your space.

But if you find yourself fixating on a particular object that you know has no logical place in your abode, try to figure out why it makes your heart beat faster. Is it the object itself that you like? Is it a symbol of the kind of lifestyle you want? Does its shape speak to you? Its texture, color, or pattern? 

Figure Out How to Replicate or Replace It
Identifying what you love about something can help you find a more sensible way to work it into your design plan. If, for instance, you're lusting after a sheepskin-covered pouf that's out of your price range, consider incorporating a pair of sheepskin pillows for a similar effect. Often designer pieces can be the inspiration needed to create a look that's unique to your own space.

Save to Splurge
If you are still convinced that nothing short of possessing the desired object really will transform your room, go ahead and take the plunge. If you can’t afford it at the moment, establish a savings plan. By the time you have the cash assembled, you might have naturally moved on. Tastes inevitably evolve and change, so think twice before splurging on an eccentric purchase that might end up being a regret five years down the line.

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