L'Objet Launches the Cabinet of Curiosités Collection

(The Collector's Study collection. Photos courtesy of L'Objet)
Here at Lonny, there's a lot of talk about what makes the perfect room. While distinctive furniture, interesting color combinations, and varying textures always round out the list, the things that really give a room personality can be summed up in one neat little word: details.

It's no wonder, then, that we're huge fans of the endlessly fascinating Cabinets of Curiosités pieces that just launched at L'Objet. Inspired by a varied assortment of cultures and time periods, the four lines that make up the hand-crafted collection are true works of art, adding rich texture, vibrant color, and lots of polish to any room they appear in.

(The Exotique collection. Photos courtesy of L'Objet.)
In addition to their trademark luxury pieces, the company has infused each collection with a generous dose of whimsy. I love the masculine, rock-and-roll edge of the black porcelain tray with snake-inspired handles above.

(From left: the Exotique and Gold Carrousel collections. Photos courtesy of L'Objet.)
True, these could be considered investment pieces, but designers are always telling us to mix high and low. How good would they look next to that seashell you picked up on your post-college trip to Greece or the vintage camera you found at the local flea market?
I'm the former Deputy Editor at Lonny.
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