Mary Randolph Carter's Study of Collections

In a new book from Rizzoli titled Never Stop To Think... Do I Have A Place For This?, author Mary Randolph Carter makes a case for holding on to the material possessions that you love most. The tome is not an interior decor lesson for the masses, but rather a personal study which asks 20 individuals to share their unique collections and asks them to explain how and why they chose to surround themselves with these things.

Mary Randolph Carter's new book from Rizzoli | Lonny
Even if every home shown doesn't fit your personal aesthetic, there's much to be appreciated in the thoughtful way the owners choose to arrange them. All shelves found within these pages are primarily "display mechanisms" rather than "storage units." Says Carter, "Place your favorite things where you often find yourself– like in front of the stove!"

Mary Randolph Carter's new book from Rizzoli | Lonny
Throughout the book, the power of repetition in design is proven many times over. Case in point: Jennifer and Dick Lanne's mantelpiece, lined with a series of ironstone pitchers. A collection of shadow boxes holding spoons fills the surrounding wall.

Mary Randolph Carter's new book from Rizzoli | Lonny
For her own country studio upstate New York, Carter repurposed an old apple-picking ladder to take advantage of her 20-foot-tall wall of shelving. It is on these shelves that the author holds a lifetime of mementos and books.

Mary Randolph Carter | Lonny
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