The Prime Spot For Potted Plants That You May Have Overlooked

Farrah Sit knows a thing or two when it comes to bringing nature indoors. The founder of the Brooklyn-based decor brand Light + Ladder (see her super-chic collection of hanging planters in our October issue) met with Lonny to reveal the room in your home that deserves more greens!

(Farrah Sit, founder of Light + Ladder)
"This may sound silly, but the bathroom is one room that's often overlooked as a great place to add greenery. I keep a ton of airplants in mine—the plants love the naturally-occuring moisture from the shower, and the placement makes them so convenient to water!  I just give them a quick soak in the sink once a week. The Staghorn fern is another plant that thrives in humidity."

Lonny / Patrick Cline  
Spora: Set of 3 Ceramic + Cotton Rope Planters, Light + Ladder
"I love ferns. My current obsession is the Asparagus Fern (shown above, in Light + Ladder's Spora Planters.) They're airy and elegant, yet distinguished like a tree. A great way to create a Fall look indoors is to mix a few miniature ferns together to create a variety of heights and texture in one pot, or with an arrangement of several pots on one wall."

We think the Spora 4-Tier Ceramic + Cotton Rope Planter would feel right at home on either side of Max Humphrey's bathroom windows!
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