Textile Art Is Having A Moment

Justina Blakeney is an L.A-based designer, author, and stylist with a bohemian heart. Her love for color, pattern, plants, her daughter, and her 'jungalow' are shared daily on her eponymous lifestyle blog, and she is one of the world’s most followed tastemakers on Pinterest.

Textile art | Lonny.com(Ph. Justina Blakeney)
Macramé, hook rugs, wall weavings and even ojos de dios—if it's made of yarn and can be nailed to a wall, it's hot right now! I'm in love with everything All Roads touches and recommend Brook & Lyn's one-of-a-kind yarn creations if you're simply in the market to dream. The best part? Great vintage weavings and hangings are relatively easy to find—a simple search on Etsy should have you lost in a silk-worm hole of wild weavings and hip hangings. Enjoy the hunt!

Textile art | Lonny.comTextile art | Lonny.com
(Photos Justina Blakeney)
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