Lonny's Top Pins of the Week: Put A Ring On It

Lonny's Top Pins of the Week
Hey, look at that– it's our favorite time of the month again!  So, how far into the new September issue have you read so far? And tell me... are you a believer of the start-to-finish reading strategy, scrolling dutifully from ed letter to end? Or do you prefer skipping around from one eye-catching story to the next via our Visual Index? (Hint: there's no wrong answer). No matter how you're delving into this fashion-forward edition, it's clear that a whole lot of you have found your way to Katie Martinez's brownstone revamp. Cue the heart-eye emojis.

Marble and copper strike subtle yet luxe notes in the Winsteads' open kitchen. | Lonny.com

When Trevor and Christina Winstead moved into this Greenwich Village pied-à-terre over a year ago,they knew it would need a facelift. Though a chic footprint had been left by former homeowner and arbiter of style, Grace Coddington, the couple recruited interior designer Katie Martinez to expand and refinish the kitchen, among other renovations. 

Open shelving, a classic hearth, and a subdued color palette give Christina and Trevor Winstead's apartment a timeless feel. | Lonny.com
In the living room, Martinez installed open shelving and delineated a sitting area by layering a soft gray area rug atop the dark wood floors. Seriously, if it was socially acceptable to pronounce your undying love to a piece of property, I'd consider popping the question to this one... 

The nontraditional ring girl's dream. This Brooklyn maker will take you from engagement to ceremony to golden anniversary. | Lonny.com

Okay. Yeah, I'm kidding. I understand you don't propose to inanimate objects. But really, how beautiful are these delicate designs by Brooklyn-based jeweler, Mociun? According to the Pin stats, this is your very favorite find from our Wedding Instagrammers story. Check it out for many more great ideas for "tying the knot".
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