What Does Your Star Sign Say About Your Home?

Tapping into the zodiacs with Zillow.

What Does Your Star Sign Say About Your Home?
Illustrated by Briana Gagnier for Lonny.

If you ask an astrologist, the answers to all of your questions are hidden in the stars. And, if you ask Zillow, the answers to your home design inquiries could definitely be hidden up there, too.

In a recent article, real-estate resource Zillow proposed the zodiacs as an ideal home guide. Hokey? Bare with us. Moriah Simmons, specialist in intuitive healing, contributed her knowledge regarding living spaces. As it turns out, various areas and ambiances resonate differently with each star sign.

While an enthusiastic Aries enjoys a home complete with options for recreational activities, a gregarious Leo thrives in a space fit for entertaining. Alternatively, a sensitive Pieces appreciates a quiet place away from city bustle, while a communicative Gemini needs the opportunity to talk at all times (these are the people asking for the WiFi code everywhere they go…classic Gemini).

When addressing what type of home an Aquarius benefits most from, Zillow states, "A dreamer and connector, you like a home that reflects your idealistic side. This means that, yes, you may have a far-out bungalow with mystical murals and bead curtains." So, is rent taken care of by the design gods, too? 

What Does Your Star Sign Say About Your Home?
Courtesy of Zillow.

If you’re curious about your home horoscope, take a break from Pinterest and tap into your astrological aura. The question is, how do we inform the landlord when our star sign demands a spring water pool? And, aren’t we all destined to live in a spacious zen den? Only the stars will tell…

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