Design Shopping in Auckland, New Zealand

It may have been the buzz from a quick succession of post-13-hour-flight caffeinated bevvies (you can't throw an Air New Zeland luggage tag in Auckland without hitting a gourmet coffee shop), but I was nothing short of giddy when I happened upon Flotsam & Jetsam, a treasure trove of a design shop in the city's upmarket Ponsonby neighborhood.

Yes, the usual whimsical decor boutique suspects are present and accounted for here: a Noah's Ark of taxidermied animals, vintage maps and charts, retro enamelled kitchenware, hard-to-find artbooks...repeat to fade.

But the store stands apart from its contemporaries with atmospheric vignettes and a masterfully edited (though extensive) inventory. It's enough to inspire a dramatic rethink of my own home staging, and has me weighing the pros and cons of investing in a kangaroo model-size carry-on.
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