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The interiors maven shares words of wisdom on designing for hot climes
(Photo © Lonny) A few months ago the Lonny team moved into a new office (which would have been much more stressful had it not been to a new room just down the hall in our Union Square HQ). We trekk...
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You can probably guess where we stand on this one.
It's the little things that count this week.
via Instagram: @versace_officialAl fresco dining took to the runway in Milan last Sunday, courtesy of Donatella Versace's Spring/Summer 2015 menswear presentation. When the first look—a strawberry m...
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From his private island in the Philippines, the founder of luxury outdoor furnishings brand DEDON gives us a glimpse of his adventurous spirit
(Ph. © Mari Luz Vidal/Lonny) Ceilings are tricky things: they should be subtle enough to blend into the background but also distinctive enough to carry a room. Short of altering the architectural s...
A selection of upholstered and handcrafted chairs are sitting pretty at the top of this week's Pinterest stats. Here are your favorite moments. If you're feeling a strong sensation of chair envy aft...