In Defense Of Crystals

A new, new age.

In Defense Of Crystals
Photographed by Monica Wang.

Believe me — I get it. Sometimes I look around my own apartment, spotting — yet another — crystal meticulously placed and wonder how I've reached this point. A rock, albeit typically a glistening looker, is supposed to bring me everything from protection to channeling positive thoughts? The Type A, logical side of my brain is screaming at me how ridiculous such an idea could be, while the dreamer — and slightly spiritual part — is willing whatever promised effect they can bring. But let's also get down to basics, they're damn pretty, too. 

I do live in San Francisco, so those bohemian, New Age vibes may be something we're breathing in the air. And, yes, I sometimes binge on yoga, pull cards on particularly challenging days, and have been known to spend a morning reflecting with the tech-friendly meditation app Headspace. But, you too may know what I'm talking about, as your Instagram feed has spent the last couple of years saturated by beautifully curated spaces of twentysomething celebrities and trendy bloggers with a bit of the crystal-baring flare. Fast Company even wrote a  piece dedicated to the "Crystal Bubble" and the billion-dollar healing gemstone industry, while Elle Decor discussed the Hollywood fascination and a few must-haves care of Los Angeles-based experts Spellbound Sky

In Defense Of Crystals
Photographed by Philip Ficks.

Millennials (raises hand...) have flocked to the potential healing powers and good vibes supposedly brought on by these diverse gems. Trend forecaster, J. Walter Thompson, even projected in its 2016 Future Trends Report the idea of "mystic beauty," which stated "the rise of spirituality-themed beauty products as part of a consumer shift toward embracing the mystic and the unknown." 

But when it comes to interiors, how have these small, but mighty, stones even made their mark in the first place? I was curious and did a bit of digging for enlightenment. And, it turns out that the use of crystals goes back far earlier than the eccentric (depending on your beliefs) New-Age movement of the '80s. Historically, key civilizations also put weight on the energetic powers harnessed through their use. The ancient Egyptians used turquoise and lapis as protective amulets for their tombs, and the word crystal actually stems from ancient Greece. 

In Defense Of Crystals
Photographed by Oriana Koren.

When it comes down to it, why not? Mood-boosting decor is on the rise and with popular retailers like Target,  Urban Outfitters, and Amazon, and high-end shops like 1st Dibs celebrating the sparkling stones of all sizes and forms, they're accessible to everyone from the curious collector to Feng Shui master. 

Regardless if the fad is over or not, I will continue to collect the tiny treasures. While I'm not emptying my bank account or sourcing out pieces to attract specific energies, I like the bit of magic they're bringing into my life. And to be honest, who doesn't like the potential of more positivity through chic, decorative objects.

And yes, if you were curious, Mercury is in fact in retrograde.

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