10 Ladies Spill Why Living Alone Is Awesome

Ms. Independent.

10 Ladies Spill Why Living Alone Is Awesome
Photographed by Erin Kunkel.

Would you live alone if you could afford it? While some ladies prefer shacking up with roommates or an S.O., many women out there fly solo — and totally love it! Not only do you get endless "me time," but it allows you to really style your home and pursue a lifestyle of your choosing. We asked our Instagram followers to share why they love to live independently and got a variety of amazing answers. See below to see their honest responses.

"Living by myself makes me feel proud! I am responsible of making sure it’s always clean and that my bills are paid. I appreciated decorating my apartment in my own aesthetic. Living by myself allows me to enjoy quiet downtime, while also forcing me to be social on the weekends to see my friends." -@hillbilllylily

"I LOVE it so much! Walk around wearing next nothing, eat dessert in the morning, and most importantly watch Sex and the City on repeat. #suchislife" -@aidaroz

"I looooove it!! I lived alone my last two years in Brooklyn and just moved to San Francisco and was able to find an awesome spot to live… alone! It’s the best. Love to come home to my own space, to decorate it my way, and walk around with whatever clothing on (or off) I choose! Only downside is no one to kill the spiders." -@alannadicola

"I live alone. I love it because my house is my style and my home. The first thing I did after moving in was buy a velvet sectional from interior define and then make a room of just botanicals my mom had drawn. This house is me, all me." -@lmsanderswilcox

"I live alone and love the freedom! I have an extremely busy lifestyle so my abode is my refuge. It is where I recharge, connect with friends, and ground myself. And my dog is fabulous company." -@countryhouserealty

"I feel most myself when I’m alone. For me, living alone allows immense creative and emotional space. I get to choose when I want to share time and space. Living with someone doesn’t always make room for that." -@westward_facing

"I love living alone because it has allowed me to build a space that is totally and uniquely my own, as opposed to when you have a roommate and are meeting in the middle on so many things. It has also forced me to be fiercely independent, responsible, and allowed me to learn to enjoy my own company and be comfortable with being alone." -@thebrocadesutra

"It’s the ultimate freedom. If I want to make pancakes at 3 a.m., I don’t have to deal with explaining it to anyone." -@lindseykayperry

"I live alone and love it because I can keep things as clean as I want without having to clean up after others." -@globalcindy

"I live alone and LOVE it. It’s all about the energy of every room. Might sound crazy but it’s like I’m relating to a friend. My apartment has a personality." -@goodhopelife

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