courtesy of Cortney Bishop
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Cortney Bishop
Follow It
“My mom was an extremely talented designer. Over the years I followed her to flea markets around the world and learned that you can find wonderful treasures everywhere. It became one of our favorite things to do together, and still is when we meet in New York or London. It always reminds me of how my passion for design grew into a love of all things beautiful and unique.”

Break It
“The rule I find myself breaking ALL THE TIME is part of a generational mindset about the home. My childhood home setting was perfection to be admired, not disturbed. At the time our homes were beautiful but not livable. When I designed my first home and later began my business, I realized that a family with children and pets and friends was messy and imperfect. We are not worried so much about the perfection. We live in our homes. It’s now cool to be practical and understated. I have found that I have lived and designed for others with this one question at the forefront: ‘How does your family live in your home?’”