Photographed by Nicole Franzen for Lonny.
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For designer and Bill Blass creative director Chris Benz, forming a living space that tapped his appreciation for color, textiles, and historic architecture was kind of a non-negotiable.

After purchasing a 1905 Brooklyn brownstone, Benz set out to design a dynamic, saturated home that felt as close to its original form as possible while still maintaining a modern, creative essence.

“I grew up spending lots of time at my grandparents’ house in Port Madison, Bainbridge Island,” Benz tells Lonny.

“It was this terrific red-ship captain’s house from 1850.  It was magical and that love of old houses and decorating has never escaped me.”

Equipped with a binder and a plan to start on the top floors and work down, a lengthy renovation led the way to what is now Benz’s dream home and as he puts it a hub that is “irreverent, optimistic, and welcoming.”

Ahead you’ll find one of the most eclectic and color-soaked spaces we’ve seen yet.

Styled by Katja Greeff.