Michael Devine Reports: Tea at Palais des Thés

Palais du the | Lonny.com
(Ph. © Michael Devine)
Several years ago I switched from coffee to green tea as my afternoon pick me up. The variety and breadth of green teas available made it very easy to develop a real passion for it. However, I felt it was time to learn a bit more about my daily ritual.

Palais du the | Lonny.com
To that end, I took the Green Tea tasting class at the Palais des Thés' SoHo store. Surrounded by some of the world's best teas from the four corners of the globe, I felt I had come to the right place. The hour and a half seminar and tasting was conducted by the delightful and very knowledgeable Aurélie Bessière. She delved into the history of tea, the different cultural differences of processing it and the informative tastings of four fundamental green teas. Since the classes are limited to four people, it's very easy to ask questions.

Palais du the | Lonny.com
If green tea is not your thing, no worries—they also offer introductory and black tea courses. Each class is a reasonable $45.
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