Dining Al Fresco With Quintessence Blogger Stacey Bewkes

Stacy Bewkes of Quintessence | Lonny.com(Stacy Bewkes of Qunitessence lifestyle blog; ph. Michael Devine)
One of my favorite lifestyle bloggers is Stacey Bewkes, the force behind the chic blog, Quintessence. I first met Stacey at a mutual friend's house, well before she became a blogger. Our paths started to cross frequently when she started writing; we've since become close friends.

Stacy Bewkes of Quintessence | Lonny.com(A bucolic setting helps to create a great evening; ph. Michael Devine)
Stacey recently invited me to her Connecticut home for a light summer dinner in the garden. I found myself really impressed by the ease with which she pulled together the meal—of course I had to find out her tips for carefree summer entertaining!

Stacy Bewkes of Quintessence | Lonny.com
(Dessert was a decadent assortment of fruit tarts and chocolate covered strawberries. Ph. Michael Devine)
She recommends developing a close relationship with your local cheesemonger—the Darien Cheese Shop is Bewkes' personal favorite (it's almost in her backyard!) She advises keeping frozen Pepperidge Farm pastry shells on hand at all times as they can be made into an easy, last minute dessert—just fill them with fresh fruit and whipped cream. When dining casually, a large coffee table that holds everything for the meal is an absolute must.
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