In the Garden Chez Charlotte Moss

Charlotte Moss |
I recently found myself in East Hampton as a house guest for the weekend. The timing coincided with the second round of proofs for my new book, the forward for which was written by my friend and mentor, Charlotte Moss. I thought I’d just drop the book off at her house; instead, Charlotte invited my partner and I for a celebratory drink in her garden.

Charlotte Moss |
Anyone who follows Charlotte's wonderful blog, Tête-à-Tête, knows that she loves her garden—and what a garden it is! Like a house, she has it arranged in a series of "rooms" that lead from one to the other. Each space has its own personality and unique appeal. With her bounteous garden at hand, it only makes sense that fresh cut flowers play an important role in the decor, so much so that she has a dedicated flower arranging room that would make any florist weep with envy.

Charlotte Moss | selection of containers at the ready in the flower arranging room; tan roses are sensational when arranged simply and so much more rechercher than standard pink and red roses.)Inside, the shelves are packed with vessels for arrangements and the ceiling is hung with racks of baskets of every shape and size imaginable. I wanted to know what her favorite tool is for arranging her fleurs. She recommends taking the plunge and investing in a good pair of FELCO shears which come in a variety of sizes.

Charlotte Moss | photos © Michael Devine/Charlotte Moss)What makes an arrangement sing? According to Moss, “Be natural. In addition to using what is in my flower beds, I pluck leaves from the kitchen garden—scented geranium, tomato, verbena, hops—and mix them up. Giving some of the leaves a last minute pinch before placement releases their fragrance.” How could anyone go wrong?
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