Michael Devine Reports: Hedström & Judd

Hedström & Judd | Lonny.com
I recently went for a stroll through the shopping Mecca that is Hudson, New York to take advantage of a beautiful early autumn afternoon. One of my favorite stores in the charming downtown is Hedström & Judd, a shop with a refreshingly Scandinvian aesthetic. I was drawn to the window display of dinnerware in beautiful colors by ceramicist Mary Anne Davis (I must admit I'm something of a fine porcelain junkie.)

The pieces are really gorgeous and have an uncommon elegance and ethereal quality. Each piece is handmade and comes in a range of sizes. The collection would be easy to use en suite, but could also mix well with other patterned dinnerware sets.

Hedström & Judd | Lonny.comHedström & Judd | Lonny.com
(The mugs are pretty snappy with a color washed interior and perky polka dots—what a cheerful piece for coffee in the morning.
All photos © Michael Devine)
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