Michael Devine Reports: The Only Lawnmower You'll Ever Need

This post was written by guest contributor Michael Devine, a New York–based textile designer. Devine's book, An Invitation to the Garden: Entertaining, Cultivating, and Cooking through the Four Seasons, will be published by Rizzoli in the spring of 2014.

(The neatly trimmed garden in its summer glory. Photo Michael Devine.)One of the joys of summer is the scent of freshly mown grass, the drawback of which is that someone must actually mow the lawn, usually me. Fortunately that isn’t a big deal for a small lawn like mine, since it takes about fifteen minutes to cut it—it's the two hours of hand trimming around the beds and sides of the garden that’s the drag.

When I came to the country I decided that I would only use a reel mower. The one that I bought had the major drawback of having to be sharpened at the beginning of each season. A seriously tedious and costly adventure that took us hours away from home in the pursuit of a sharpener that we had to pay a breathtaking amount of money to for this rarified service.

(The miracle mower the Fiskars Reel Mower; the close edge cutting has cut the hand trimming time in half, which for us is hours saved over the course of the summer. Photos Michael Devine.)This year I found reel mower nirvana in the StaySharp Fiskars Reel Mower. Not only does it look cool as mowers go, it really cuts well. Best of all, the sales materials say I’ll never to have it sharpened. Ever. Only time (and trimming) will tell.
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