Michael Devine Reports: A Little Bit Country

Lindowens | Lonny.com
I am really lucky to have about a dozen great, local shops that never fail to amaze me with their unique wares. One such shop is Lindowen’s American Country. Their assortments of herbs jumped out on my last visit as a “must have” item for the winter months ahead.

Lindowens | Lonny.com
Both the loose lavender and the jars of herbs—packaged in classic Ball canning jars with zinc lids and handstamped labels—have an appealing modern simplicity. The assortment is just what a cook needs: bay leaves, lavender, rosemary, allspice and cloves.

Lindowens | Lonny.com(All photos © Michael Devine)
The shop also offers some wonderful decorative items like garlands of gourds and corn cobs that would make a very attractive table adornment come Thanksgiving. What's in store at your favorite local shop?
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