Michael Devine Reports: Oktoberfest with Elizabeth Blitzer

Elizabeth Blitzer entertains | Lonny.com(Ph. © Michael Devine)
PR maven Elizabeth Blitzer's Southern hospitality is on on the cusp of legendary status. The Louisiana native recently held her annual Oktoberfest party at her charming West Village abode. (Blitzer's offices were seen in Lonny's June/July 2012 issue.) A font of tried-and-true entertaining wisdom, below you will find Blitzer's tips to make any get-together a stress free pleasure, whether it's for six or sixty!

Elizabeth Blitzer entertains | Lonny.com(Ph. © Michael Devine)
Thinking of hosting a party this upcoming holiday season? Blitzer lives by the motto, “Buy some, cook some!” There are some things that are just cheaper and easier to buy than to make. (Best example: guacamole. The ingredients are expensive and if you buy it from a good source, they will usually do it as well—or better.)

Elizabeth Blitzer entertains | Lonny.com
(German Mirco brewery beers are on draft at Landbrot Bakery in NYC. Ph. © Michael Devine)
She narrows her focus by planning around a theme. “Take Oktoberfest, for example—it helps limit your options and guides you in a direction so you don't agonize over what to make,” she explained. Blitzer looks for visual inspiration online to help her clarify her ideas. “I like to Google image my theme. Looking at photos rather than text can inspire beyond recipes. I get presentation, inspiration, and decorating ideas, as well as food guidance when I see what other people have done!” Author's note: NYC's go-to resource for all things delicious and German is Landbrot Bakery.
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