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Emily Henderson
"My mom is the first one to say that she isn’t terribly savvy at decorating. She was a teacher and had six kids and grew up on a ranch in Wyoming. But I will say that she was always finding new ways to try and keep us busy. She had us try a lot of different activities, like refinishing furniture, canning fruits and vegetables and thrifting. I’m by no means an expert when it comes to DIY projects, but I can see how my mother’s creative tendencies influenced me. Thanks to her, I am not afraid to take on projects – reupholstering chairs, painting a desk a different color – it was all a natural part of what we were exposed to growing up. However, the best decorating skill my mother shared with me is the ability to mix high and low pieces from a variety of sources. I recently did a post on my blog in which I decorated one credenza four ways. In order to change it up each time, I used affordable pieces like these Threshold Lamps and items I’ve gathered from thrift stores over the years atop my classic credenza." —Emily Henderson