Designed by Briana Gagnier.
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If there's one celeb who just gets the home space, it's Diane Keaton. She's known for her house-flipping abilities and eye for picturesque houses. Now, she's taking her skills to the next level in the Arizona desert. 

According to Trulia, Keaton's newly-acquired $1.5M Tucson home is an absolute dream. And we have no doubt that the Book Club star will work her own brand of magic on this place. But with that said, the home itself already possesses a certain specialness. Built in the 1800s and previously available for rent on AirBnB (no longer, ugh!), the home is charming, quaint, and dreamy. The green front door is just the beginning. 

The actress' home will have you daydreaming about owning your own desert oasis, no doubt. Read ahead to step inside. Which room is your favorite?