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Do This Now: Instant Feng Shui

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courtesy Dana Claudat
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"I don’t believe in magic spells and transcendental cures," says feng shui consultant Dana Claudat. "I’m all about design. And great design is always great feng shui." The Stanford grad, who previously worked as an art consultant, was inspired to seek out the practice after being home sick for a stretch of time and realizing that her living environment didn't resonate with her. "When you’re forced to be in your house it makes you think: who lives here?" she says. "Your space is a mirror of your mind." Claudat embarked on a study that led her to Pyramid School feng shui—a Western-influenced translation incorporating science and color theory. After schooling herself in the spatial philosophy, she launched a blog in 2008, and started offering her services for free to friends and followers on her Tumblr. "The first friend I experimented with got a $500,000 music deal the next week—that helped convince me," she says. "But I had to know it worked consistently, both in-person and through online consultations, before I could consider going pro." Six years later, Claudat's practice is thriving, with a client base she describes as "the artsy professional set," a group that includes producers, musicians, agents, wellness leaders, designers, and artists. "When I started doing this I had a moment; like, am I really a house life coach? I've always thought of myself as an academic," she says with a laugh. "But I am! For whatever reason, I couldn’t escape it." Ahead, Claudat outlines 7 user-friendly tricks for incorporating feng shui into any home.