What To Dye Other Than Eggs

This year, skip the egg-boiling and vinegar dyes and try this sweet kid-friendly craft

What To Dye Other Than Eggs
Photographed by Genevieve Garruppo

If your favorite part of dyeing eggs for Easter is getting crafty with color, consider this sweeter, time-saving spin on the spring tradition. Instead of hard-boiling and dip-dying dozens of eggs—most of which will sit in your fridge until waste-guilt leads you to a weeklong menu of egg salad sandwiches—these splatter-painted marshmallows require zero prep time and things you likely already have in your kitchen pantry. Other bonuses: no smelly vinegar dyes and no shell peeling! 

What To Dye Other Than Eggs

Here's what you'll need:

- marshmallows
- toothpicks (or fun cocktail swords!)
- food coloring
- vegetable oil 
- ramekins or a muffin tin
- paper towel
- serving tray

1. To start, clear your counter space and put a sheet of paper towel on the serving tray; set aside. Set out the ramekins and fill each with 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Squeeze 10-20 drips of food coloring into the ramekin, which will float atop the vegetable oil. Use a toothpick to swirl the color around.

2. Skewer a marshmallow with a cocktail sword and dip it into the oil until all sides are coated with color. You can gently roll and dab the marshmallow on the paper towel to remove excess oil without messing up the dye. Set it on the tray to dry. Repeat until there are no boring plain marshmallows in sight. Try adding two or three colors into one ramekin, or experiment with  different ways of mixing the dyes.

What To Dye Other Than Eggs

Want to take this simple treat one step further? Try dipping the bottom half of your dyed 'mallow into a ramekin of melted chocolate and set it on top of a small graham cracker square.Voila! A colorful, bite-sized s'more. Share pictures of your dyed marshmallow creations with us on Instagram by tagging @LonnyMag

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