An Easy Pinboard #DIY You Can Do In Under Half An Hour

Pinboard DIY |
(My finished product. Ph. © Sean Santiago)
Last week, I purchased a standard 3' x 2' pinboard from Staples. But when I brought it into my room, I felt underwhelmed—the finish of the frame looked a little too affordable if you know what I mean. What to do? Undertake a super-simple DIY project, of course.

I simply used the white paint that was leftover from freshening up my walls, and then pinned a scrap of toile fabric to the board and called it a day; the frame seems to disappear in the whiteness of the wall and really lets the fabric sing!

Here's what you'll need to get the look:
- Paint
- A brush or small roller
- Painter's tape
- Fabric
- Push pins

What to do:
1) To help the paint adhere to the frame, sand it down to remove the glossy finish. (Or skip this step if your board has a raw frame.)
2) Tape along the inside edge of the frame to keep the cork board clean.
3) Paint the frame your desired color and let it dry.
4) Pin a scrap of your favorite fabric at each corner inside the frame so that the cork is completely covered. (You can fold under any excess fabric or—better yet—cut it off.) Et voilà! Since the fabric is only pinned on, you can switch it up easily as you change outfits!

Have you ever transformed an office basic? How'd you do it?

Pinboard DIY |
(The "before" shot: booooring! Ph. © Sean Santiago)
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