Easy Ikea Hack: How to Make a Tripod Succulent Planter

Justina Blakeney shows us how to turn an inexpensive bowl and some chair legs into a statement-making catchall for your favorite greenery

Justina Blakeney's Easy Tripod Succulent Planter Ikea Hack
All photos © Dabito for The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes; Stewart, Tabori & Chang

Justina Blakeney is an L.A.-based designer, author, and DIY extraordinaire with a playfully bohemian heart. Over the years, her eponymous lifestyle blog has provided us with tons of visual inspiration, and now her recently released anthology, The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes, aims to do the same. Filled with ideas that utilize color, pattern, and plants to reveal a home that is at once cozy, organic, and stylish, the book decodes the six categories of boho, from modern and folksy to romantic and maximal.

Here, she shares her instructions for how to make a retro tripod planter with some table legs sourced from eBay and a few household items. According to her book, "Succulents have shallow roots and store water in their leaves, so you can create a succulent planter from almost anything." This one is inspired by the modern lines in prop stylist Anne Parker and floral designer Alea Joy’s Portland, Oregon home, which is featured in The New Bohemians, as well as the indoor gardens and use of wood in the three other homes featured in the book's Earthy chapter.

Justina Blakeney's Easy Tripod Succulent Planter Ikea Hack

Tripod Succulent Planter
Time: Less than one hour
Estimated Cost: $40

- a wooden bowl (I used Ikea’s Rundlig serving bowl. I love the green color it comes in, and the bowl is the perfect size, shape, and price.)
- 3 wooden peg legs with screws attached (These are easily purchased on eBay or Etsy for around $20 for a set of four; use search terms like “tapered furniture legs” or “furniture peg legs.”)
- 3 nuts that fit over the screws on the peg legs
- potting soil for succulents
- a collection of succulents
- Craspedia flowers (billy balls), dried or fresh (if you use fresh flowers, they will dry in the pot)

- tape measure
- pencil
- drill with drill bit
- wood glue

1. Turn the bowl upside down on a clean, smooth surface. Measure out and mark where you want the legs to go. The distance will vary depending on the size of the bowl and legs. Remember that you want the legs to angle outward a bit, so mark the holes far out enough on the bowl that the legs will protrude at an angle, but not so far that the planter starts to look like a spaceship. Make sure that the holes are equidistant from each other and from the center of the bowl.

2. Drill a small hole at each mark. The size of the hole should be just shy of the size of the screws that are attached to the tapered legs.

3. Drill a couple of additional small holes in the bottom of the bowl for water drainage to prevent root rot.

4. Cover the flat surface at the top of each leg with wood glue, then screw the legs into the holes designated for the legs. Secure the legs by screwing the nuts onto the screws inside of the bowl.

5. Fill the bowl almost to the brim with the soil. Plant the succulents and water them. (Don’t water them again until the soil is completely dry.) Add Craspedia flowers (billy balls) for a little pop of yellow, and admire your sweet mid-century-style planter.

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