Four DIY Projects to Make Your Oscar Party Ultra Fabulous

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Four DIY Projects to Make Your Oscar Party Ultra Fabulous
All photos by David Stark

If you're anything like us, you're always looking for an excuse to host a glam get-together. And what's more glamorous than the Oscars?

New York event designer and longtime Lonny favorite David Stark, who has worked with everyone from  Louis Vuitton to the Metropolitan Opera to Target, has created a series of fabulously chic DIY projects to take your Oscar night party to the next level.

"Since the main attraction of an at home Oscars viewing party is the show itself, there's no need to transform your home into a ballroom," Stark says. "Instead, a handful of clever ideas —that are easy to make — will transform your night on the sofa into a walk on the red carpet."

He adds: "When entertaining at home, it's the small details that people remember. It's never about how much you spend, but how much ingenuity you dispense."

Keep reading to check out step by step instructions for Stark's ingenious — and so very stylish — Oscar party projects.

Cocktail Napkin Envelope Fold

David Stark Oscar Party DIY Porjects

What you'll need:

• 10" cloth cocktail napkin (we got ours from Food52)

• iron and ironing board

Start by ironing your napkin flat, fold up about 1" of the napkin from the bottom edge and press with your iron. From there, fold both sides to meet together in the middle, press. Next, fold the top to corners down to also meet in the middle, creating a point. Press. Fold up the bottom portion of the napkin and fold down the point creating the envelope shape. Press with your iron one last time.

Cocktail Napkin Ribbon Pin Closure

David Stark Oscar Party DIY Porjects

What you'll need:

 • gold glitter paper (we got ours at Papersource)

• white card stock paper

• brush tip black marker

• glue gun and sticks

• scissors

• pin components (we got ours on Amazon)

Use your brush tip marker to draw the medallion part of the ribbon. It should be about 3/4". Don't be worried about being perfect with this. Take inspiration from the Oscar's ads this year - the loose line quality is nice. Cut 2 tails out of the glitter paper, approximately 1/2" wide by 1.5" long. Use your glue gun to attach it all together. Once the glue has dried, add your pin to the napkin envelopes.

David Stark Oscar Party DIY Porjects

Mini Champagne/Prosecco Bottle Award Statue Favors

David Stark Oscar Party DIY Porjects

What you'll need:

 • gold glitter paper

• white card stock paper

• black text weight paper (we got ours from Papersource)

• scissors and craft knife

• hole punch

• gold string

• gold straws (we got ours from Papersource)

• brush tip black marker

• uhu glue stick

• ruler

• Oscar statue silhouette (we found ours just by Googling)

Start by measuring your bottles. Each brand is slightly different, so measure the height of the bottle from the bottom to just below where the neck thins - or where the cap is. Cut your black paper to that measurement. Next cut the statue silhouette out of the glitter paper and adhere to the black paper using the glue stick. Wrap the paper around the bottle and note where if overlaps. Add a line of glue with the glue stick and secure snuggly around the bottle. Cut a circle out of the white card stock paper and add your pal's name. Punch a hole in the top of the circle and tie to the bottle using the gold string. Add a gold straw to finish off the look.

David Stark Oscar Party DIY Porjects

Award Night Spritz for Two

David Stark Oscar Party DIY Porjects

What you'll need:

For the rim of the glass:

• 1 teaspoon sugar

• 1/4 teaspoon cayenne

• edible gold glitter stars (we got ours from Amazon)

For the drink:

• ice

• 2 ounces mango juice juice

• 1/2 ounce simple syrup

• 1 ounce fresh lemon juice

• Champagne or Prosecco

 Lightly wet the rims of 2 champagne flutes, dip the rims  into the mixture of sugar, cayenne, and edible stars. In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add the mango juice, simple syrup and lemon juice; shake well. Strain into the flutes, then top with champagne or prosecco, whichever you prefer.

The 88th annual Academy Awards will take place on Sunday, February 28, 2016 at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.

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