Loopy Mango's DIY Chunky-Knit Throw Blankets

Loopy Mango DIY Throw Blanket Kit | Lonny(Photos © Catherine Dash/Lonny)
Learning how to knit has been on my to-do list for as long as I can remember. My mother (a master of all crafts) tried to teach me when I was young, but my impatience always got the best of me. I've vowed to learn every few years since—to no avail. Then last month, I ran into Anna Pulvermakher and Waejong Kim, the lovely proprietresses behind the Soho boutique Loopy Mango. After gushing about their amazing colorblock, chunky-knit throws, I became ecstatic when I found out that I could make one myself with the company's new DIY kits. The icing on the cake? The kits are designed with beginners in mind and can be completed in just two to four hours! 

Full disclosure: I didn't actually believe Pulvermakher and Kim when they said that I could do this in such a short amount of time. Frankly, neither did my friends and co-workers. But last Saturday, I threw caution to the wind and dove into the Capri throw kit, which comes with two jumbo-size skeins of handmade-in-America merino wool yarn (in the color combo of your choice), two circular birch knitting needles, and the pattern—all housed in an adorable canvas Loopy Mango tote. If you've done any knitting before, the directions are simple. If, like me, you're starting at square one, Loopy Mango's online tutorials will be your best friends (links to the six you'll need are below). I started over three times but, an hour-and-a-half later, I had the makings of what will certainly become a much loved standby for cozy nights in—not to mention the skills to design homemade baby gifts and Christmas presents for years to come. 

Interested in joining me? Here are the essential how-to videos:
-Slip knot
-Cast on
-Knit stitch
-Purl stitch
-Connecting two yarns
-Cast off
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