DIY Chiyogami Paper Covers

DIY Pinched Paper Covers |
(Photos © Steph Hung)
Canada-based crafter Steph Hung has come up with some pretty covetable projects for Lonny, including these super-cute striped plant pots and an eye-catching poster that's sure to replace those ubiquitous Keep Calm and Carry On mainstays. Now, she's tackling chiyogami, the traditional Japanese paper, using it to create graphic pinched paper covers for hurricanes and votives. With or without candles illuminating them, they're just what you need to add a personal touch to your home while barely lifting a finger.

-- hurricanes
-- votives
-- Japanese chiyogami paper
-- ruler
-- bone folder
-- scissors
-- double-stick tape

DIY Chiyogami Paper Covers |
1. Measure the height of the hurricane and cut a matching length of paper.

2. Add ½ inch to the diameter measurement of your hurricane. Score the paper you cut in Step 1 four times along its length with this measurement. For example, my hurricane has a diameter of 3" so I scored the paper at 3.5", 7", 10.5", and 14".

DIY Chiyogami Paper Covers |
3. Add another ½-inch to the end and cut off the remaining width.

4. Cut a thin length of double-stick tape and place along the inside of each scored line. Fold each "corner" of the paper so that it is pinched and held in place by the tape. Fold in the ½-inch tab and tape to close.

5. Place hurricane or votive inside paper cover.

DIY Chiyogami Paper Covers |
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