A #DIY Brass Corners Coffee Table Ikea Hack

#DIY Brass Corners | Lonny.com(The finished product [ph. © Sarah Jean Shelton / Lonny] and the inspiration [ph. via Jonathan Adler])
Like many post-grad city dwellers, I've found that a good portion of my tiny apartment hails from that mecca of affordable furniture known as Ikea. When I paired two inexpensive glossy-white side tables together to function as a coffee table in my living room I thought I was pretty clever. But then I came across one of Jonathan Adler’s gorgeous Lucite-and-brass cocktail tables and suffered a major wave of furniture envy. Though the price tag seemed justifiable given its perfect mix of polish and edge, I couldn't bring myself to splurge—just give me five years.

So I improvised instead. To imitate this particular level of luxe, I looked no further than my local hardware store. There, among the nails and paints and tools, a convenient kit of brass corners and screws was destined to make my lackluster tables a bit more chic. Sixteen corners, a screwdriver, and twenty minutes later, I’m that much closer to the table of my dreams. How do you embellish affordable basics?
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