#DIY Beaded Skull Inspiration

Beaded skull D.I.Y. inspiration | Lonny.com
(Ph. © Melanie Acevedo / Lonny)
When I was home in the Sunshine State over the holidays I paid a visit to a dear, creative mentor of mine. In the middle of our rendezvous I was stopped in my tracks by a peculiar creation staring down at me from the walls of her wrap-around porch—a cow’s skull covered in sea glass that immediately brought to mind the beaded skull I recalled seeing in Lake Bell's Brooklyn backyard (above).

Now, at Lonny we believe in the art of the mix; the old with the new, the modern with the traditional, the high with the low. We especially love the mixing of materials. Here, my friend has done just that, marrying the rugged rawness of the American West with tranquil treasures of the Caribbean, ultimately paying homage to two of her favorite travel destinations.

For all you traveling scavengers out there picking up seashells or pocketing ticket stubs, what better way to honor your adventures than to create a one-of-a-kind piece? A cattle’s skull from Sedona, tumbled beach glass from the Bahamas, a little bit of glass glue, a sturdy hook, and voilà! A masterpiece.

(Photos © Sarah Jean Shelton / Lonny)
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