A Yarn Chandelier Has Never Looked This Good

Ombre yarn turns a pendant light into a boho masterpiece.

Fringe is fabulous, not to mention having a major design moment right now. But you don't have to spend a fortune to get a touch of this playful trend in your own home. Believe it or not, this ombre yarn chandelier is a DIY.

Here's what you'll need to get started. We chose this pendant light from Wayfair and spray painted it gold. You'll also need yarn (three large bundles of the pink yarn and two bundles of peach), 18" and 12" wire wreath forms, wire cutters, E6000 craft adhesive, thin metal wire, scissors, a flat iron, decorative metal edging, and grip or shop clamps. Check out Frank Morrow Company, they have a variety of gorgeous edging options. 

Start out by cutting down your wire wreath forms so you're left with just 12", 14.5" and 16" circles.

Leave the tabs like above.

Place the largest wire circle inside the pendant.

Gently bend the tabs so they're touching the inside surface, using the craft adhesive, glue these tabs to the inside of the pendant light, leaving a small space to poke through the pieces of yarn.

Let the glue dry completely. 

Cut pieces of yarn in the various colors, you're going to need more pink because you're doing two layers.

Try to keep the pieces the same size. It's better they're too long than too short because you'll trim the yarn at the end.

Loop each piece of yarn around the wire form and pull tight, repeat until each wire form is completely full of yarn fringe. (This will take a bit, but enjoy, it's surprisingly cathartic!)

Be careful adding the yarn to the top wire form since it will already be attached to the pendant light.

With the help of a friend have them hold the pendant light. Pre-cut thin wire pieces and position the second wire form of yarn underneath the pendant light, when it's in the position you want it, loop your wire pieces under the second wire form and back up to the wire form attached to the pendant light.

Twist the wire onto itself to secure. You're making loops that the second wire form should sit in. Repeat until it's securely held by four loops of wire. Repeat with the smallest wire form. Bend the wire so it's hidden on the inside of the fringe.

Before trimming the layers so they're more pronounced, gently go over the yarn with a hot (not scalding) flat iron. It takes the curl out of the yarn and makes it easier to see how long each piece of yarn is. Trim to your desired length. 

The last step is to secure your decorative metal edging around the edge of the pendant light. Using the craft adhesive, put a thin line of it along the back of the entire piece of edging.

Affix to the pendant and clip in place with grip or shop clamps until the adhesive has completely dried. 

Hang this conversation starter in any room to add a little bit of fun to your traditional or MCM furniture. Peace, love, and fringe.

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