#DIY Yves Klein Coffee Table Hack

I've always dreamed of having an Yves Klein coffee table in my apartment, but I'm not counting on having a spendable $23,000 anytime soon. Instead, I whipped up an easy recipe for an accent table inspired by Klein's goldleaf edition.  
(Photos © Kaylei McGaw/Lonny)
Here's what you'll need:
– a clear acrylic box frame (I chose one that's 16 x 20 inches)
– a 1/8-inch sheet of acrylic cut to 16.75 x 20.75 inches (it should be slightly larger than the box frame)
(Note: Home Depot locations outside of New York should be able to assist you in cutting sheet acrylic to size. If you're in New York City, go to Plastic Land on Canal Street, a.k.a. my new favorite place.)
– CRL #33 Acrylic Cement
– something amazing to put inside!

1. Start with a wood or metal work surface. (You don't want to end up glued to your Kartell, and any spilled acrylic cement will wipe clean.)
2. Ensure that the upper edges of the box frame (on which the acrylic sheet will be placed) are flat and smooth. Some brands have bevelled or rounded edges, which you can level with fine sand paper.
3. Wipe the inside of the box frame clean of any dust or debris and fill with your desired material. I paced the aisles of my local party store, and after a long debate between colored sand and fake snow, I settled on silver tinsel. 
4. Remove the protective covering of one side of your acrylic sheet and place that side down, aligning it with the edges of the box frame.  
5. Hold the newly-formed box steady and carefully flip it so over that the acrylic sheet is now the bottom surface of the table.

6. Hold the pieces firmly together with one hand. Using the applicator nozzle included with the CRL #33 Acrylic Cement, dispense a thin line of cement along one edge of the box. It'll look like you're gluing on the outside edge of the two pieces, but the liquid seaps into the seam and fuses the two together.  Keep pressing firmly down onto the seam for about 2 minutes to seal it. 
6. Repeat Step 5 for the three remaining edges and let it set for 24 hours. Any excess cement will dry completely clear.
7. To make a table, pile two even stacks of hardcover books. Top with a little putty or sticky foam and center the box on them.
7. Enjoy your badass accent table! Now that you know how to make a clear box, the possibilities of what you put inside are nearly endless. The next one I make, I'd like to add acrylic handles to create a serving tray; you could also consider adding a hook and hanging as artwork. No go ahead and give yourselves a pat on the back, crafters!

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