DIY Project: How to Make a Dowel Rod Chandelier

Spruce up your kids' room with a colorful ceiling pendant made with this hardware store standby.

DIY Project: How to Make Dowel Rod Chandelier
Photos courtesy of Land of Nod

Peruse the aisles of your local hardware store, or the kit of your favorite contractor, and a collection of wooden dowels will no doubt be front and center. The multi-purpose rods (useful for everything from closet to curtain infrastructure and beyond), ranging anywhere from $1 to $12 depending on their size, are a verifiable crafter's best friend. Add a glue gun and your favorite colored thread to make a colorful, kids room-friendly chandelier with the utilitarian multi-taskers. Read on for the how to and visit the Land of Nod blog for more creative DIY ideas.  


- approximately 70 1/8-, 3/8-, and 1/4-inch dowel rods of various lengths (12, 18, and 24 inches)
- (3) 50 x 1-inch diameter dowel rods (to make an 18 x 46-inch frame)
- spray paint in various colors
- 50 skeins of embroidery floss in various colors
- 20 lb. and 60 lb. fishing line
- tacks
- 2-4 eye hooks for ceiling
- glue gun
- miter saw (or hand saw)
- wood glue
- (4) 2-inch screws

DIY Project: How to Make Dowel Rod Chandelier


Step 1: Start by securing the embroidery floss with a dab of glue on the rod. Tightly wrap the rod until you reach the end of the floss; secure with another dab of glue. Add another color of floss and continue.

To spray paint, lean rods against a surface you don’t mind getting spray paint on or prop up rods in a piece of Styrofoam. Tape off the part you do not want to paint. Let dry and wrap the other half, or leave it natural.

Step 2: To make the frame, saw down the dowel rods to the size needed to make frame (we made an 18 x 46-inch frame). Make a 45 degree cut at both ends of each dowel rod. Pre-drill screw holes in both sides of the corner before gluing corner together to hold. Drill screw into corner to secure.

DIY Project: How to Make Dowel Rod Chandelier

Step 3: To install the chandelier, secure two eye hooks into the ceiling, at the center of each side of the frame. Use 60 lb. fishing line to hang. Tie fishing line from each corner of frame to the eye hooks.

Once the chandelier is hung, begin to add dowel rods. For larger dowels, push a tack in the top of dowel. Take 20 lb. fishing line and attach a strand to each tack. Wrap and tie fishing line around frame, tightly. Hang at varying lengths for interest. For thinner dowels, tie fishing line around top and leave two strands to use for tying around frame.

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