#DIY Easy Framed Art

Easy #DIY Framed Art | Lonny.com
(Photos © Steph Hung)
Given how expensive custom art is, it's easy to understand why anyone might want to play graphic designer in her spare time. How better to create a personalized masterpiece without paying a small fortune? Thankfully, crafter—and D.I.Y extraordinaire—Steph Hung whipped up this easy, affordable project just for Lonny. Made with little more than vellum and your favorite gift wrap (or poster, or wallpaper, or whatever!), this framed art helps subtly ring in the new season—and bid adieu to the old one.

Easy #DIY Framed Art | Lonny.com
-- gift wrap, poster, or image
-- design template (or design your own!) 
-- cutting mat
-- X-acto knife
-- vellum
-- ruler
-- frame (optional)

Easy #DIY Framed Art | Lonny.com
1. To create the template, place your printed design on a cutting mat; cut out with the X-acto knife.
2. Lay design template over vellum.
3. Carefully cut out design.
4. Lay vellum over gift wrap; cut and trim to size using the ruler.
5. Frame if desired.

Easy #DIY Framed Art | Lonny.com
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