Easy, Affordable Wall Art

While shooting Kieran DiTullio's house in upstate New York for the October issue of Lonny, we found that the former home editor has a knack for turning everyday items into covetable treasures. Love the look? You're in luck! All you need to recreate these artworks in your own home can be purchased in your local hardware store.

(Lonny / Ball & Albanese)
Take these no-fuss wall pieces, which took her all of about a half-hour to make and fit right in with the house's rustic surroundings thanks to their approachable (and affordable) simplicity. To get the look, start with a frame—any old frame—in the size and texture of your choice. Pop out the glass, backing, and hardware and set aside. Next, pick a paint color for your frame (you can opt for contrasting or matching trim, or a vibrant hue to add a burst of personality). In a well-ventilated area, apply the paint to the visible parts of the frame and let dry.

(Lonny / Kieran DiTullio)In the meantime, gather your art. You can highlight a piece of fabric or wallpaper, as Kieran did here, some sheet music, a page from a beloved book—whatever you desire. Measure the backing that originally came in the frame and cut a colored piece of muslin fabric or paper to fit the size. Use a glue stick to adhere your artwork (edges trimmed neatly) to the front of the colored paper. Then, lower the glass, paper with attached artwork, and backing into the now-dry frame and enjoy!
I'm the former Deputy Editor at Lonny.
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