How to Make Custom Tissue Paper

DIY custom tissue paper(Ph. © Sean Santiago/Lonny)
While planning a baby shower for my bestie this year, I realized it's not easy to find patterned tissue paper that fits my modern-minded aesthetic. I searched for days through varieties dotted with pale pink and powder blue teddy bears, then decided it was time to take matters into my own hands—which turned out to be a ridiculously easy two-step process. Don't believe me? See the how-to and finished product below.

What you'll need (pictured above):
-- color-diffusing paper
-- water colors of your choice
-- a paint brush or two
-- water (for mixing your colors)

DIY custom tissue paper 
1. Mix your color. I chose a blue-black hue that complemented the decor of the shower. Add more or less water depending on how concentrated you want the color to be. 

DIY custom tissue paper
2. Apply your design. Have fun with it and play around. I tried painting different abstract designs and using more or less water. My favorite technique was one where I held the paint brush firmly in one hand, then tapped it with the other to create a splatter effect (pictured above). Note: be sure to line your working surface with plastic or newspaper before you get started as some of the color may transfer through the paper. 

cookies with custom tissue paperThe Finished Product: After letting the paper dry, I used it to line mini produce baskets, which were filled with shortbread cookies as a sweet takeaway for guests.
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