An Easy Kitchen IKEA Hack You Can Use Now

(Lonny / Jessica Sample)
In this month's issue of Lonny, Kristan Cunningham and Scott Jarrell—the owners of LA design firm Hammer and Spear—opened up about the lost-and-found treasures that fill their arts district loft home. Every room in the house was considered and creatively put together, but we were especially impressed by the couple's kitchen. What appears to be a custom job is actually a standard package from Ikea! Here's what they did to get the look.

(Lonny / Jessica Sample)
"Our landlord provided a row of cabinetry from Ikea and the cheapest stove on the market," says Kristan. We built copper-and-wood shelving (using piping and fittings from The Home Depot) and swapped out the aluminum handles for leather ones that I made. Those were sourced for only 39 cents apiece, plus a rivet! And I'm so obsessed with these shelves, I've already set them aside as a DIY project of my own. (My husband is thrilled...)

"My favorite additions are the black baseboards, which were just $15 per section at Ikea," she continues. "The contrast, along with the new handles, gives the cabinetry a custom feel." The couple added a graphic rug, some flea-market finds (mirrors, vases, and tableware), and called it a day. What small changes are you making to your home to give it a more personal touch?

(Lonny / Jessica Sample)
I'm the former Deputy Editor at Lonny.
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