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Every Home Dustin Johnson & Paulina Gretzky Have Owned In Palm Beach

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Andrew Redington/Getty Images North America; Courtesy of Redfin.
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What's not to love about Palm Beach? Dubbed America's first resort destination, the region is known for its charming boutiques, waterfront views, and great real estate. (Don't believe us? Just look up Henry Flagler's Gilded Age mansion and prepare to be blown away.) But, you can bet that where there's beaches and great real estate, there's also a flock of celebrities who live there.

Take Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky, for example. With two championships under his belt and regular appearances at the PGA Tour, the pro golfer is best known for his work on the green. But, when he's not conquering the course, he and his wife like to work on their real-estate portfolio.

In fact, Johnson and Gretzky have owned two stunning mansions in Palm Beach alone. While the couple initially owned a place in the northern part of town, they eventually bought another home in the garden region. Sure, Palm Beach might not be as buzzy as New York City or Los Angeles. But, when you really love an area, why not plant your roots there?

For your viewing pleasure, we're offering an intimate look at both of Johnson and Gretzky's beachy abodes. Once you tour these places, let us know if you're "Team House 1" or "Team House 2." We can't decide!