5 Tips for Creating a Farm-to-Table Bouquet

Flower Girl NYC | Lonny
All photos: Genevieve Garruppo/Lonny
Denise Porcaro, the mastermind behind Flower Girl NYC, discovered her floral skills in a casual way—making bouquets for friends and the restaurants she worked for. And what started as a passion project quickly grew into a full-time business—with big-name clients like Polo Ralph Lauren, The Standard and Vanity Fair—that's celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

Flower Girl NYC | Lonny
After a five-year stint as a shop within a shop at Earnest Sewn's LES location, Porcaro opened her own LES boutique on Eldridge Street in 2012. The charming, sun-filled space serves as an office, workroom and a retail store, where locals pop in to buy $20 Posie arrangements. Also in stock: sweet hanging test-tube bud vases, an assortment of air plants and flower-infused soaps that are made in house.

We caught up the Flower Girl herself who gave us a play-by-play of what goes into making one of her signature Farm-to-Table bouquets and shared a few tricks she's learned during 10 years in the business. 

Denise Porcaro's Top 5 Tips:
1. Look to Monet: 10 years ago, tight, dome-like bouquets were all the rage. "Now, the trend is more nature-inspired and asymmetrical—like a Monet painting," say Porcaro.
2. Oxblood is the new black: "It goes with a lot of colors," says Porcaro, "It works equally well paired next to a peach peony or a green rose." In our arrangement, Porcaro incorporated oxblood calla lilies into our white,  pink and purple palette. 
3. Use fern as your greenery: the foliage got a bit of a bad rap in past years, but it's no longer a floral no-no. Porcaro likes the texture that it adds to arrangements and says it mixes well with other greens, and adds a foresty, fresh-picked feel. 
4. The plastic bag is your best friend: Porcaro turned a basic, wood box in to a vase, by simply stapling a plastic bag inside—voila! a custom vase. 
5. Don't over think it: "Flowers are a luxury to have. If you're thinking about it too much, you're missing the point," says Porcaro. We agree!

Flower Girl NYC Bouquet | Lonny
The finished product: made using in-season blooms like alium, quince branch and scabiosa, housed in a rustic wood box.  
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