Happy Hour: A Valentine's Day Cocktail

(Photos by Genevieve Garruppo/Lonny)
Our resident mixologist, Photo Editor Genevieve Garruppo, had some family business to attend to, so I'm filling in for her on Happy Hour today. But don't worry, Lonny readers: rather than have me fumble around with jiggers and other things about which I know nothing, she left me her notes. Here's what she had to say about this week's cocktail.

My drink palette is biased against sweets. Sure, I could eat ice cream and chocolate for days, but when it comes to my cocktails, I generally enjoy bitter and smoky (Rob Roy's anyone?). For Valentine's Day, though, I thought it would be fitting to marry both the bitter and the sweet in a drink that's beautiful and bubbly yet dry and crisp. Plus, it's so easy to make—simply combine and serve. It leaves out the stress of measuring and muddling for your valentine, so you have more time to spend with your loved one. Which is, of course, the whole point!
-- 6 oz. Veuve Clicquot Rosé
-- a dash or two of Cecil & Merl Cherry Bitters
-- 2 Amarena Toschi sour cherries
*DIY paper coasters optional

Told you it was easy—you don't even need to put your ingredients away if you have a chic ice bucket (like this cork one from C. Wonder) and bar cart handy. Since we're mixing bitters with bubbles, a flute isn't necessary (flutes channel the bubbles upwards, retaining your beverage's effervescence, and the bitters pop some of the fizz, making for a smoother drink). So feel free to mix and match with whichever glasses you choose, whether they include the Rosa coupe from Crate & Barrel or rented vessels from Octavia & Brown.

Creating the coasters was a breeze, too: just flip your cup upside down on the paper of your choosing and trace the mouth, then cut to make the perfect size coaster for each cup. I decided to go with navy paper marbled with gold—a perfect accent to my brass-encased mirror tray.

What cocktail are you making for your valentine?
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