Michael Devine Reports: James Andrew Does Chic and Cheap Entertaining

James Andrew entertains | Lonny.com
(James in his glamorous library / dining room. All photos © Michael Devine)
The chic New York apartment of the über-clotheshorse James Andrew was the setting for a wonderful lunch. James, who is known for his stylish blog, What is James Wearing? is also the consummate host.

James Andrew entertains | Lonny.com
His philosophy “chic and cheap,” is one that I really appreciate. Almost every carefully curated treasure on the table was an online auction find, end-of-season sale purchase or a gift from one of his many fans. On his table you'll find vintage Scala dinnerware from Portugal (James started his collection with the help of eBay and has since amassed over 50 complete place settings, not to mention beaucoup accessory pieces) and D. Porthault napkins. A Baccarat salt cellar and yellow cabbage pepper shaker complete each place setting.

James Andrew entertains | Lonny.com(The setting with lacquered walls and metallic papered ceiling create a dramatic dining area.)
“Setting a table should be fun and beautiful not only for yourself, but for your friends as well,” says James, who lives by the philosophy that the table is a canvas and each place setting is a work of art. James also thinks that the more one entertains, the more comfortable one becomes with being a host/hostess. Duly noted!
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