How To Upgrade White Bean Soup

(All photos courtesy of Genevieve Garruppo)
I was just figuring out what to eat for dinner tonight—a process that typically begins the moment I open my eyes in the morning—when Photo Editor Genevieve Garruppo shared some pretty beautiful photos with me. (Warning: food porn ahead.)

Inspired, I've decided to take her up on her idea—if not tonight, then definitely this weekend when guests inevitably drop by. I mean, is there anything more comforting than a hot bowl of soup on a cold day? In a word: no. She used an old White Bean Soup recipe published in Bon Appétit but made it her own with the addition of kale, homemade pasta, and some spicy pork sausage. That's a winning combination if I've ever heard one!

How do you dress up basic dishes for company?

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