The Perfect Cup of Hot Chocolate

(Source: All photos © Genevieve Garruppo/Lonny)
With the latest round of snowstorms poised to sweep the nation, it would seem the polar vortex is here to stay. We decided to take matters into our own frigid hands (will the heat in our office ever work properly?) by getting serious about hot chocolate. I polled the team, and one thing became abundantly clear: we all have different ideas of what constitutes the perfect cup of cocoa.

To get things off the ground, I set to work choosing a “drinking chocolate,” as it's called in the industry. After some taste tests, I was able to narrow down the list to a few fantastic straight-up chocolates in various forms—bars, powders, and drops. I also found a brand to satisfy co-workers that leaned toward savory flavors, my avid tea drinker, and the mocha die-hard.

The excitement over the various chocolates naturally bubbled over into a lively discussion regarding appropriate garnishes for cocoa. Votes came in for caramel, mint sticks, and candied citrus, but for this exercise I stuck with good old-fashioned marshmallows (the many varieties of which demand an entire post in and of themselves, but that's for another day). That said, every cup of hot chocolate deserves a little cookie on the side for dunking.

What goes into your perfect cup of cocoa?

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